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Meet Lacey

Lacey is a trained therapy dog who accompanies me during sessions. She provides soothing gentle energy and hugs when a client wants one

My Approach

I have provided psychotherapy, life-coaching and hypnotherapy for clients for the past 40 years in my private practice, hospice, home health and inpatient/outpatient settings.  I've helped thousands of clients to solve problems, develop coping strategies, improve communication and relationships and heal wounds from the past.

In many years of professional experience I've found hypnosis to be a powerful modality for my clients to improve their lives dramatically.  With hypnotherapy we can eliminate destructive habits and build beneficial ones.  We can find the cause of symptoms and heal from past trauma.  We can identify goals and then develop motivation to succeed in meeting these goals.  We can also learn how to manage symptoms of anxiety, stress and depression.  

My MSW degree and over 40 years of experience in this field has provided me with the skills necessary to assist with deep emotional healing for many issues.  Life coaching and hypnotherapy will help to resolve your issue.  Please contact me for a free consultation as well as pricing and availability at (727) 421-2617.

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My Approach
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